Write your own plugin

The Magnifico editor is an extensible software. The main components, Elements and Scene, can be customized for any need. For example, if you need a custom balloon Element, where the brackground uses a color gradient and the text is scrolling, well you can do it.

Developing a plugins requires a HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge. If you’re a web developer you can start immediately, other things can be a little harder and maybe it will be better to search a professional for the coding stuff.

Plugins are stored in the “plugins” folder. There are two kinds of plugins: Elements and Scenes.
Added Elements can be used inside the editor like any other Element. In fact the built in Elements are plugins themselves, so you can pick the code and start from there.
Same thing for Scene plugins. A Scene type is a kind of template for your scene, made to get things easier.

Element plugins


Scene plugins