Coordinates of Elements in Magnifico are as natural and intuitive as possible.

Usually computer programs have coordinates that start from the top left corner. This is a legacy from the early days of information technology and it can still be useful in many cases, as for web pages, where the text flow changes continuously the page height.

In Magnifico we work with a fixed size frame, where a top-left based coordinates system would be counter-intuitive, and so we opted for a center based system with the X-Axis goes from left to right and the Y-Axis from bottom to top.
To make things even more easy the reference point of any Element is his center.
So an Element placed ad X=0 and Y=0 is at the exact center of the frame. Really simple to understand and to use.

Furthermore Magnifico allows you to group Elements into Groups that can be used to transform many elements at the same time.
Every Group acts like an sub-frame with is own coordinate system, starting again from the center.
Again an Element placed at 0,0 is at the center of his Group.